End Island Revamp

Into the Omega introduces players to a fully revamped End Island. The current rendition is work-in-progress, but is a good representation of the direction the final version will take.

Towering around the back of the End Island are tall thorn-like Pylons, embraced by tendrils of purple matter.

Why are these pylons here, and what was their purpose...?

Players will discover the answer to this question as they venture deeper into the End.

The End Portal has also been redesigned - travel back to the Overworld in style!

Dragon Revamp

To prepare players for the dangers further out in the End, the Ender Dragon will be heavily buffed.

Players will be expected to show up to the fight with the most powerful gear available from the Overworld and Nether.

Note: These changes have not been implemented yet.

Core Items

After defeating the Ender Dragon, you will be rewarded with a blessing of the End: a core item (official name to be determined). These heavily powerful artifacts can be a great companion on your journey should you choose to use them, and each artifact has an upgrade line made accessible through boss fights and future content.

Pictured: Crystalia, Horizon, Inanis, Ferlious, Seventh Pillar & respective upgrades.