Miniboss: Origin Nova

Recent updates of ITO include a template Origin Nova miniboss. This boss, located on platforms in the Tier 2 zone, is a highly challenging fight which will test player's abilities to fight various enemies at once.

An early rendition of the Origin Nova boss & a player wearing several loot items.


"What's in it for me?" you ask, wondering what a giant spiral portal could possibly drop!

Like all other ITO challenges, the Origin Nova has a chance to drop amazing thematic loot centered around the Nova:

Singularity Edge

Pictured in the center is the Singularity Edge sword. Players can summon a Nova Shard while holding the sword by using right-click. Damaging entities around the Nova Shard causes it to grow, and the shard can contain a maximum of 200 damage, after which it will glow with a white outline. Entities near the shard will be slowly pulled towards it. Shift-clicking will cause the shard to burst, dishing out the accumulated damage to all nearby enemies.

Bound Nova

The Bound Nova is a chest trinket. Dealing damage to enemies will cause the Nova to grow, containing up to a maximum of 200 damage. The player's damage output extends proportional to the amount of the Nova filled. When the player hits more than 5 enemies at once, the Nova will burst, dealing collected damage to all enemies, and causing the player to deal an additional 25% damage if the Nova is full.