Spiral Tower Dungeon

A new dungeon to conquest has emerged: the Spiral Tower!

Themed as a tall End tower with spiraling purple streaks up the side, this dungeon is the perfect combat testing zone: players face 10 challenging layers with a highly potent mob spawner in the center. If players are able to clear out the monsters and reach the center, they will be rewarded with a chest!

Special Loot

Just like all other Into the Omega dungeons, the Spiral Tower offers a rare artifact for players to uncover: the Spiral Surge. This lance, streaked with hues of purple, transforms the floors of the Spiral Tower into a unique buff system. For each hit on an enemy while using the Spiral Surge, all players within 16 blocks will gain 1 stack of Violet Surge. Each stack of Violet Surge increases the player's critical & physical damage by 10%. Landing a critical hit resets this bonus; max 5 caps; max 1 cap per second.