Hello, world!

Welcome to the Into the Omega blog, powered by Zeta - the markdown-based blogging tool built specifically for ITO.

This blog will contain content updates about the project, as well as information on things to look out for in future releases.

What is Into the Omega?

Into the Omega (ITO) is my (1) baby and (2) a fun Minecraft RPG project. It was originally built for 1.16.5 and focused on the idea of limit-broken enchantments, but has since evolved to a 1.18.2 project which entirely revamps the End dimension.

Full plans for the mod include 10+ fully fleshed out bosses, dozens of unique zones to explore, awesome loot, and a boat-load of dungeons. As of the middle of 2022, the mod is working towards this goal with several bosses close to completion, 100+ artifacts & weapons, several dungeons, and more.

ITO takes inspiration from the Terraria Calamity mod, and subscribes to the following theory: if you don't die at least once during each boss fight, it isn't hard enough!

Keeping up with the project

ITO is my for-fun creative brainstorming project - there's no ETA on when it will be done & I invest minimal time on it. This website will contain occasional blog updates, and alpha artifacts will be released within the next few months.